Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Job Shells offers you this expertise through our industry best RPO solutions. JobShells has handled over 200 RPO projects, both globally as well as in India and is a leader in this space and hire over 65,000 people every year though the RPO practice.

We deliver streamlined, RPO recruiting solutions that optimize candidate quality, improve time to hire, significantly reduce hiring costs and provide verifiable metrics.

Our proven global recruitment solutions for permanent and blended workforces are designed to improve productivity and business performance.
Our RPO model includes:

  • Flexible deployment options: Enterprise, selective, project, on-demand
  • Scalable, global delivery model
  • Unique virtual recruiting network
We enable client organizations to build an agile, skilled and motivated workforce that is able to shift quickly to meet fast-moving challenges and opportunities.

Executive Staffing

Our dedicated team of consultants is liable to follow a planned recruitment and selection process which entails the use of recent technology and strategic approach. Our recruitment and selection process involves detailed research on contemporary trends and skill market, thorough position briefing, capability and skill assessment, exhaustive validation procedure enabling us to refer candidates of highest competence.

IT Staffing

"IT Staffing is one of the outsourcing strategies where the service contributor provides skilled staff to the client and helps the client in achieving business objectives. IT Staffing is an efficient way to get highly qualified and specialized Personnel at a substantially low cost." Job Shells HR Services, offers IT Staffing services to clients, enabling them to extend their staff to our offshore development center in India taking advantage of our qualified and experienced personnel. Our services provide clients with a cost effective solution to increase and expand their staff and help organizations to accomplish their special or seasonal projects.

  1. IT Staffing Models
    Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer customized IT Staffing models with the objective of meeting specific requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner.

  2. Offshore Development and Testing Centre (ODTC)
    An Offshore Development and Testing Centre (ODTC) is a model in which a dedicated development or testing team is there for the purpose of software development, testing and support. The ODTC model is very simple. The client will communicate its requirements, parameters and conditions to us and then jointly with the client, we define the project metrics and then develop the “road map” which will result in a successful project. According to the assessed needs, we further tailor the team to achieve the solution required in the most efficient manner possible.

  3. Flat Price Project
    In this this model, flat price quotes are provided to the client for flat scope of work and flat deadline. The model is based on our extensive experience and standard work metrics, which ensure on-time, in-budget delivery of any solution required. In this case a percentage differential will not exist and changes to the price would only happen if the customer changes the specification.

  4. Flexible Time and Delivery
    This model is well-suited for those companies that do not have well-defined requirements, need research work, or want ongoing software enhancements. The client and Job Shells agree on an estimation for the specified task, and the Project Manager assigns the task to the developer and assures that it is completed as close to the estimate as possible without degrading the quality of the final solution.

Niche Skills Hiring

Every business has a requisite to grow in a sustainable manner and in order to grow it’s necessary for them to tap all the relevant information pertaining to their business. Be it industry trends, company’s business positioning & reputation, employee performance, performance improvisation and government regulatory etc a business has to keep all information intact. Job Shells offers real time integrated information to clients that assist them in taking decisions in respect to their business. With a decade long experience GH combines its technical, business and market skill to deliver information that is relevant and crucial for building business strategies.

  1. Industry HR Optimization Survey
    Job Shells provides comprehensive understanding on the business industry positioning and best practices in respect to existing skills scenario, best available talent, level and rate of hiring, remuneration structure, attrition rate, industry competency mapping, and culture & gender diversity study. This help companies in optimizing their investment in HR effectively.

  2. Reputational Assessment
    Job Shells support companies in strengthening their external and internal relations by providing insights based on performance review, competitors analysis, employee satisfaction rate, company’s positioning and head count report etc. This information is further utilized by companies to manage their brand image and reputation.

  3. Workforce Intelligence Analysis
    The requisite of enhancing human capital is never ending for business therefore Job Shells through its industry knowledge and market presence assist companies in creating effective workforce design and practices. Job Shells assist companies in diagnosing its workforce intelligence by conducting jobs evaluation, mapping company’s existing employee skills & caliber, management-employee relation, rewards system, HR policies and areas of restructuring.

Quick Hire

We understand Quality-of-hire is the most important factor in your recruitment process. To improve your quality of hire and your recruitment process efficiency, we offer qualified Technical and HR interviewers.

Our QuickHire solution is aimed at simplifying selection process by offering Technical and HR panelists. Vati provides you a panel of Technical and HR interviewers as an additional service. We have supported many clients by conducting Technical and HR interviews as per their specifications.
Benefits of QuickHire:

  • Available pool of qualified interviewers
  • Quick Results
  • Interviewed and shortlisted candidates for your final evaluation
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Manage
  • Assuming your organization has to fill in 100 positions, you will end up spending over 500 man-hours doing Technical and HR interviews, taking an average of 30 minutes per interview. This excludes time spent by the HR team, People cost and all other related costs around interview coordination.
  • With QuickHire, more than 50% of the Technical and HR panel’s time is saved with interviewed and shortlisted candidates upfront!

Campus Recruiting

Assessing talented young minds right from the college campus for our client needs.